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Here is the latest project from Mike Farrell. This is a very interesting find. Here is his story.
"I hope someone out there can help with some info on my latest project to roll out of the barn. I bought it last summer and it was described as a "Golf Course Maintenance" vehicle. I completely stripped it down and only the frame and wheels are original. I used some white oak lumber I had milled to replace the rotted plywood box it had on it. I'm pretty sure the running boards are not original, they were fabricated out of some old lawn mower parts which make me believe it was on a golf course, but I liked the design so I built new ones. I re-powered it from a 3hp Tecumseh to a new 5.5 Honda, but kept the original torque converter. The steering system was bent, tie rod ends were shot, steering shaft broke, spindles bent....all new now! The mag wheels are similar to what was on the Ruttman mini's so it kind of dates it to the 70's ???? Any info anyone has would be greatly appreciated. I can tell you one thing, it's a blast to drive, not like anything I've ever driven and I've been on some weird stuff! "