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Well here we see the final project pictures of the custom chain frame minibike that Yellowhand (minidoodle member) has been working on. It is a one of a kind and lots of hard work put into it. Lots of imagination put into this project and I can admire the thought put into it. So read on what has been done on this project. It is also a fantastic example of what you can do with the right tools and odd parts.
"The chain-frame bike is took a month of evenings and weekends...lots of handmade parts. The bike has a frame made from a 25 ft tow chain, and a hand-built chromoly and billet aluminum springer front fork with rotary hand controls that were designed based on the old Cushman Highlander throttle. The right grip rotates backward for throttle and forward to activate the jackshaft disk brake. The left grip rotates backward to activate the front disk brake. Both grips are spring-loaded and have centering detents machined into the body of the grip to return them to a preset starting position when released.
The jackshaft is center-bored and tapped for retaining screws, and completely sleeved to make sure the disk brake set-up runs true and stays in place. The disk unit itself is also keyed and set-screwed to the shaft.
The fuel tank was made from a 1950's fire extinguisher...the valve assembly on top unscrews to fill the tank with gas, and the valve is pinned open to vent the tank. The fuel flows out from a compression fitting installed an inch from the bottom of the extinguisher, and is sent to the carb by an impulse fuel pump mounted on the engine.
The suede seat is handmade and the laces are cinched instead of knotted so the lacing can be adjusted as the seat breaks in and the foam changes shape.
The exhaust pipe and intake velocity stack were made from two old bugles, and there is a real 8 ball mounted on an axle in the mouth of the exhaust...four Canadian pennies were mounted in angled slots milled into the side of the ball, and it spins slowly as the engine idles, and becomes a whirring blur when the engine is rev'ed. Kenny from 8BallzKustomz provided the ball for the project, and we wouldn't have been able to do the exhaust without his help."