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Before you start making the bracket be sure you have all the tools that you will need to do the job. I also suggest you make a card board model and the see if it will fit. This is the time to make mistakes and, or alter the layout to suit the application. Take your time don't rush or you may make mistakes. Below is a step by step procedure in making the bracket. Note: This bracket was custom made for my 5 h.p. engine. It may not fit yours. So check first.

Step #1 Make an extra copy of the layout. Be sure it is full size scale. On the layout mark the hole positions that are on the engine that the bracket is to be mounted on. Cut the layout as close to the contour but don't cut the lines off.

Step #2 Get yourself a Brass or metal plate 6" x 5 1/2" x 1/8" thick. Paste the layout onto the the plate. (Don't worry it can be sanded off.) This way you just cut along the lines.

Step #3 Now your ready to begin the work. First with a center punch, punch all center points of all the holes to be drilled. Once this is done drill all the holes to the correct size.

Step #4 Now is the tough part, cutting the part out. If you have a bandsaw that can cut metal this will be easier. If not a hacksaw or a jigsaw with a blade that can cut metal would be your second choice. Now cut the part out. If you noticed that at the tabs, I show the cut lines going in 1/8" deeper it's because this is the allowance for bending the tabs.

Step #5 With a file remove all rough edges and burrs.

Step #6 Tap the hole in the tabs. 3 Places.

Step #7 Bend the tabs 90°.

Step #8 Mount on the engine.

Step #9 Sand with fine paper, prime and paint.