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The layout should only be used as a reference only. Use it as a guideline to make the fender to fit your minibike. Follow the steps. Good Luck!!!
I recommend that you use Aluminum 1/8" thick which is easier to work with and it won't rust.

Instructions for fender
Select and layout the material. Drill the 2-holes for the bracket and cut the radii on all 4-corners. With a pencil mark the bending line. Once this is done, put it in a vice and bend 90°, 2-sides. Place the fender over your minibike tire and with 2-hands bend the fender to the shape you desire. (Put you a bet you would never have thought of this one. Ha! Ha!

Instructions for bracket
Layout the material and drill the holes. Bend the 2-ends. You may want to form the ends to wrap around the fork tube, now would be a good time to do it or you may do it before your ready to prime and paint.

Assemble the bracket and fender together with 1/4-20 NC x 3/4" long bolt with nut and don't forget a lock washer. Remove all sharp edges. Try fitting on the front fork and make adjustments at this point. Once it meets your requirements prime with a good metal paint. Select the color, paint and finish. To assemble to the fork, first get a piece of rubber from an old bicycle tube and cut so it wraps around the fork tube once.(One for each side) Then insert the fender between the fork at the desired placement. With the 2" hose clamp, wrap it around the bracket and fork tube, but don't forget to put the rubber in between the bracket and fork tube before tightening. This will prevent it from slipping and scratching the paint.

Clich Here Fender Drawing