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HONDA PA 50 1980

A good friend of mine, was a very luck man last summer Below is a Honda PA-50 he purchased and an example of a true twist of fate. Believe it or not this Moped was bought on the way home from a soccer practice, where it sat, on someone's lawn, in the middle of a garage sale. A little haggling and $25.00 (Canadian) and it was bought.
Honda made the PA-50 from 1976 through 1982. The one below is a 1980. The smooth running 2 stroke power plant produces 2 1/2 h.p. From 1981 on the unit was called the PA-50II. It had an extra 1/2 h.p. The transmission is a CVT belt driven, using centrifugally driven weights to change the infinitely variable gear ratio. The bike is rated at pulling 180 lbs. The bike is capable of reaching a top speed of 30 mph. About 1.2 million of this model were manufactured. There are 100,000 in Canada, and 900,000 in the USA mostly sitting in garages waiting to be bought.