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Now here is a really nice restoration by W.R. Owens from Branchville, AL. This in my opinion is a really great job. According to my records Power-Dyne Vehicles Inc. 55 Tower, Pawtucket, R.I O2860 made them. There are 2 models. Galaxie 150 sold for $159.00 and had a 3 1/2 hp Lawson engine with a torque converter, front tele. suspension, rear disc brake. 6" Alum. split rim, 14" Knobby /Terra Tire/Universal. I think this is what is shown below.
Pro Seriest Sold for 259.00-299.00 had a lawson engine but no hp was mentioned, maybe because there was an option. Front tele fork, rear swing arm front and rear drum brake 16" knobby tires. So here is the story.
"Here's finished pictures of my Power-Dyne. It originally had a white painted 5hp Tecumseh, which I still have. It originally had a plate attached to the forks that probably had a name on it, but I've apparently lost it. It has no torque converter, just centrifugal clutch. You're right about the other features, plus it has rear suspension, same as front. I had the parts powder coated. It was originally yellow, but the gray parts were chrome. 30 plus years in the barn were not good to the chrome. It would have been impossible to replate with all the rust and pitting. The powder coating came out pretty well - it's heavy enough to smooth out all but the worst pits.
I know the 5hp engine originally came with it. My brother got it new for Christmas in 1970. We have pictures then, too. " So cool.