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Now this bike is interesting. The pictures was sent to me to identify the minibike. If you look closley, the front fork reads Trail Buck. Looking at the shape of the frame it looks like a cross between a Tote goat and a Cushman. The frame is made with square tubing. This is a old bike. Have a look and see if you can identify who made this minibike. Funny color. Looks as if it was for hunting or military.
Here is the answer below!!!
The Trail Buck was from:
 Pacesetter Enterprises Inc.
 P.O. Box 309
 Cascade, Iowa  52033
 Features were:
 7HP 4 Cycle Tecumseh Engine
 18-9:50-8 Rear Tire
 18-5:75-8 Front Tire
 Torque Converter Transmission
 Front & Rear Oil Hydraulic Adjustable Shocks
 10" Ground Clearance
 and approx. 40 M.P.H. speed
 This information from a 5" X 7" ad in Re: "Mini Bike Guide" magazine September 1971  
UP-DATE: Below is a really nice picture of the Trail Buck sent to me from Randy Lansing. Below is a little more information that Randy has outlined. So heres his story. Read on.
I have attached pictures of my Pacesetter Enterprises Trail Buck and Trail Ram. These trail bikes were manufactured in Cascade, Iowa (my town) by Merlin Simon from 1970 to 1974. According to local folklore, Simon got the idea for Pacesetter trail bikes from assembling a Heath Kit Bonnie Bike and commenting that he could a build a simple trail bike like this - so he did. The Trail Buck and Trail Ram's design is rather innovate and remarkably simple. It uses a ridged single-piece main-frame that stretches from the steering column to the rear wheel. The design is amazing strong and extremely durable. Nearly every middle aged guy in Cascade has a teenage story of how they beat and abused their Trial Buck or Trail Ram and nearly killed themselves twice. The front suspension on both bikes is similar to the Moto-Skeeter and MTD bikes. It incorporates mini-bike shock absorbers, bent-back front forks, and pivoting folk arms. The rear suspension on the Trail Ram is provided by a Flexsteel half barrel seat. It does a nice job of smoothing out the small bumps but actually amplifies the large ones. Buck's rear suspension is provided by a large foam seat and traditional shock absorbers.