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Thanks to Brain Compton for sending this information. This is a breakdown picture and parts list for mtd and columbia minibikes with 6inch rim's please note the picture shows the minibike with a sissey bar that go's around the seat and coil over shocks. this only came with the columbia minibike. the mtd model 640-200 did not have this. it was a hard tail! please also note parts list shows two frame assembly(hard&softtail)? and two front fenders and two rear fenders.(fenders are bigger on the columbia minibike and are chrome plated) parts list shows two different numbers for the front and rear tires,but does not show different tire sizes??? my columbia has 4.00-6 tires and my mtd has 3.50-6 tires

Below is the maintence and service information for v-plex torque converter made in hagerstown,indiana u.s.a. this info came with a columbia mini bike when it was purchase brand new part# on the torque converter is:v-plex 18t6b35