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Well you guys got to see this project. I was stunned when I first saw the pictures. If you think I'm kidding, read this first then see the pictures. The first thing the name of this bike "Red Rocket" is a great name. The pictures were sent to me by Bert Foster and in the pictures is his son. It took them 2-years to build. You can say this is a father and son project. Just to give you some perspective of the size of the bike, his son is 6'3" tall. Now here is the story on this home made scooter minibike. It is a water cooled Kawaski EX250 motor, thats 248 cc and 28 hp. A six speed transmission. It red lines at 14000 RPM. He is using a Suzuki RM-80 front fork and triple tree. The fork brace is home made from an aluminum billet. The frame is a Pedigree. The wheels are Thomas with 350 x 10 tires. The headlight is generic. The tail light is from a '39 Harley. the tank is also a Harley. It has a heel-toe shifter that he made. It also has AAA floor boards. A police bucket seat. It has a aluminum billet dog bone handle bar risers. The handle bars are cafe generics. He made the the front fender out of some 16" moped fender by cutting pie slices and re-welding. The rear fender is 2-trailer fenders welded together. As tou will see from the pictures he added side skirts to both fenders for the 30's deco Indian look. He made the instument pod that houses the tach, temperature gauge, turn signal indicator lights, hi beam indicator light, and the neutral indicator light. At present the the reducer that he made is out to being powder coated for mounting the chrome megphone trumpet style muffler. (Not yet shown)
Now that you got this far, now look at the pictures. If you use a little imagination just look at what you can build. Great job.
Up-dated with final pictures of this project.