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Thanks to a good friend Rick, I now have the information on the Trail Ram. From what I understand this company was not in business for very long. Therfore this is a rare bike. Pretty cool bike.

Wow, here is some really great information from Randy Lansing. This is just unbelievable. Thanks Randy from of us. Below is his story.
"I recently purchased a vintage Pacesetter Enterprises' Trail Buck brochure on Ebay. I want to share it with Minidoodle members and Minidoodle website viewers.  
I live in Cascade, Iowa where Pacesetter Enterprises, Inc. was located in the late 1960's and early 1970's. I have had some fun the last couple of days showing the brochure to people around town. What a hoot it has been! Everyone I show it to remembers the the Trail Buck and most have fond memory to share about one. I am hoping to findout if any of the people shown in the brochure are from Cascade. So far only the older man closing the gate has been identifed as a local person. A guy who worked for the Pacesetter company has given me the name of the person who may have produced the marketing brochure. Amazingly he recently moved back to town. I plan on talking with him later this week. " This is so cool.