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This picture was sent to me by David McNeilly to try to identify this minibike. At first when he sent me his first pictures, I thought it was the Bird. It does look very close to the add that I have on my brochure page. But by looking at the rear suspension it is much closer and the handle bars are different. I also noticed it has a larger back wheel than the front. If anyone could identify this bike please let me know.

I just recieved some information on this minibike.The person used to have a minibike EXACTLY like the one in this picture. It was a minibike that was supposedly made in the early 80's and it was supposedly called a Grand Prix.

Up-date: (Mar. 25, 2004)
A message on the message board posted by Harold Deblois mentioned he had a bike like this and it was called Moustic, came with a 3.5 hp Clinton engine and the original minibke  was forest green. This minibike must have been manufactured in Europe.