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Here are some pictures sent to me by Peter Cohen from Australia. The little mini in the picture is one of my own creations the frame is based on a1970's Taiwanese frame the wheels are similar to greenfield ride on wheels which I spun up hubs for to take the sprocket and band brake. The front suspension I have made from scratch, motor 3hp tecumseh with maxi torque centrifugal clutch. Below are pictures of the set up. The guards/fenders are fibreglass based on a grassgrub. Now this is a really nice mini. I like the idea of the chain tensioner. It looks like it came from a 10 speed bike.

Below is a picture of a Grassgrub minibike that I believe was sold in Austrailia in the 70's. It is a picture of Tony's sister on the mini. Pretty neat looking mini. If anyone has any information on the mini, please send it on in.