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Here is a minibike that Philip Metzner has being trying to identify. On the original seat Gemini is printed. It a pretty cool looking minibike. Should anyone have some information on this, please send it in.

Here is another minibike almost exactly as the above minibike but called a Puma. Thanks to Dave Parker, he was looking for further information on this minibike and emailed me pictures of it. From what he mentions, he purchased it. It is a 1973 PUMA S-400. This mini was purchased as a kit in 73 and finished off with Bates assc. to make it street legal. It was driven by an adult to work for less than one year and then stored. It is in like new condition with all it's original parts and tires. I have a stack of sales literature and a couple sets of parts order forms from the company that sold the kits. (no longer in business). Below is hi minibike. Nice!!!  Check out the brochure page to see the brochure.