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Update: Here is a little more information on this minibike. According to one of our long time associate member CLH, has poste some interesting information on this minibike. This minibike was also known as "AGGIE" Here is what CLH has posted. Read on.
"No it's a King O' Lawn. King O' Lawn was an edger company back in the 1940's to 1990's from south gate California. The reason why it's called an aggie bike is because king O' lawns factory was close to Ascot park which is an indie car race track in south gate, who JC Agajanian (The indie car driver) built and raced at. Some how King o' lawn got to sponsoring JC Agajanian and made a minibike under his name for around the pits. Your bike is a fairly rare (Compared to Rupp’s and fox's) and is valued in a complete condition around 150-to-250 depending on the condition. I happen to own an "Aggie bike" that I bought off eBay last august. My bike is a complete bike also (but with several modifications and new paint not in restored condition . But it's fast (and ungoverned) And yes the suspension on “aggie bikes” are an unusual design (be careful not to go off to big, bumps the front suspension bottoms out really easily). I'll be very very glad to take it off your hands."
Below is a picture of a Aggie fork decal that Mac had posted on his web site for a short time. But from what has been said, there was another decal with a coach on it. This decal has Agajanian face on it.

Below is the lastest write up on the Aggie minibike owner of CLH our long time member of minidoodle