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Ok guys, you want to travel, well here one you won't believe. How about traveling with your mini in a suitcase. Small compact and cheap on gas and you don't have to rent a car. I would like to thank Dan for sending me this picture and told me that it's in there local Dirt Track Museum. "Dan Rouit's Dirt Track Museum" on Rialto Ave, in Clovis Ca. Well this one took me by surprise. The only other mini that was this small was the Scat Kitty and the shriners minibikes. Actually It is made by Micro Power Products of San Jose, California for the shriners. It is a true collectors item. Rare indeed.
  Check this one out. Cool!!!

Mini out of the bag.

Now here is another Minibike In A Suitcase which belongs to Jim Lind. It is all original. This is amazing that here is an original after all these years. It is a true collecters item and worth a pretty penny in this condition. Currently Jim is willing to sell it. If you are a collecter and wish to add this to your collection you can contact Jim at this email address.    Below are some pictures.