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Check this out. Another Fox Doodlebug Ad from 1968.

Wow, here is the parts list and a layout to build the Sprite minibike. What a way to promote this bike. You could even buy this as a kit and just assemble it. Now thats marketing.

Picture of Restored Street Scamp( Click Here)

This is a Street Scamp picture ad. If you click above you will see a really nice restored Street Scamp made by Fox.

Believe it or not but this is a really nice ad of the 1968 Campus Bike.

Now here is an ad for the Campus Bike with different models and options. This even gives you the prices.

Here is a really cool add for a Fox Mini Bike. Imagine you could buy a Fox for $64.50. What can you buy today for that price. Thanks to Bill Pekaar for sharing this add.

Below is another add sent to me by CC Rider.
This one is $10.00 more. Must be inflation.

Below is one more brochure of the catalog No. 9 from 1969. Here it shows the Campus Bike and Sprite. Bring back the good old days. Cool!!!

Below is a brochure of a Fox Thunderbolt Chopper. I have never seen this chopper made or have I seen this before. If someone has more information, please send it to me and I will post it up. Have a look at this one. Just to mention this was posted on ebay that someone is looking for one.

This is very interesting that Fox Corporation was first Fox Karts. This is a picture of the cover of the service manual. If you look closely the frame is quite different in design. Fox seems to have one very long history. Can anyone out there tell me the history?