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Today I recieved pictures from Bob Van Bomel Clearwater, Fl. of his minibike project. This is an excellent example of restoring, custom building or just putting together a minibike from different parts and pieces. So here is Bobs story.
"My first love will always be the vintage karts but, for the last couple of years, I have had the urge to build a two stroke powered mini bike. There were many frames that I had bid on E-bay that got away from me and there were many that I had to walk away from due to insane price bidding. Finally, I got an Azusa frame kit with 6" wheels and chrome fenders. This kit, as all others, is designed for a left hand drive engine, as in Briggs or Tecumseh. So, I had to machine the engine mounting plate to accept a right hand drive engine, as in Power Bee 820. For those that don't know, the Power Bee 820 is a 135 cc two stroke engine that puts out about 10 hp. Next, I had to fabricate mounting hardware for the fenders, change the brake backing plate stop to the right side of the frame, and fabricate a chain guard and mounts for a gas tank. Then it was off the powder coating shop for a bright red make over. Believe it or not, it all went together without a hitch. I used the "green" springs on the 10 tooth clutch which engage at about 2500 rpms and lock up at 4000. The rear sprocket is a 72 tooth. Well, the maiden voyage was quite an experience. From about 3000 rpms to 4000, it feels like you are in a sling shot as the clutch begins to grab and you just hang on tight. A slight blip of the throttle at about 4500 rpms brought the front wheel off the ground. I learned very quickly that I have to feather the throttle when the engine gets into its power band. If I were to snap the throttle while running over 4500 rpms, I would be pulling the gravel out of my head and other places. I checked the speed by running next to a car up to 52 mph. The problem was that I still had a lot of throttle to go, but ran out of nerve, for lack of a better word which I won't use on this site. Anyway, this is the mini bike I always dreamed about as a kid and now at age 50, I get a chance to relive the wonder years."
Check out the pictures below.