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Here is a really rare bike which Mike Trudel from Kelowna BC Canada had aquired and rides often. I never new Bombardier had such a minibike. I do know the Canam dirt bikes were Bombardier and were quite popular especially up in Canada. This minibike looks great. So here is his story.
"I thought you may like to see my very rare minibike . I noticed you have a bronco which is very simular in your very cool line-up of minibike pic's. This bronco pic. is the only other type of info I can find on these bike's , even the dealer has no record of It's existance. I found this bike In Olds Alberta at a honda dealer, he really did not want to sell It but was In need of $$. This bike really goes, It sounds and feels like a real motorcross bike when pushed. It has working high/low beam ,horn,speedo,1200miles on odometer and rear brake light which can be shut off with a factory installed switch mounted under the seat ! From what he knows it is Italian made since many parts are stamped made in Italy I have the owners manual which shows an other model simular to the other bronco pics Bronco '69 & 70" and see the TC-4 on your great site. It's Identical except for the tool kit box. The only thing that's 100% for sure is the Bombardier owner's manual showing three model's . The Bantam Junoir, the Bantam Trail , and the Cross which has the same engine spec's it's just near full size."

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