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Now here is something different. Wow! This was sent to me from Michael in Sydney, Australia. So here is his story on this mini. Just a simple note. To me a mini is a mini and I will add them to my site.
"Right at the moment I am restoring a Minibike, and I just wanted to alert you to its existence. You may know already that MV Agusta built a 50cc minibike model in the mid-1970s. (It's not a foldaway bike, nor for road use, so it may not suit your site.) As I understand it, the MV Agusta factory in Gallarate, Italy built a one-off children's replica of an MV Agusta grand prix bike, for their world champion Phil Read to present to his son. The bike attracted so much attention, they started producing them - though nobody seems too sure exactly when, or how many. Mid-1970s, and a couple of thousand units is what I've heard. The bike has a 47.6cc Franco Morini, single-cylinder, two-stroke engine with a variator transmission, and was produced in 8-inch and 10-inch wheel versions. I'm told they also built a 12-inch wheel version with a four-speed gearbox and a proper clutch. I have a small collection of MV Agusta motorcycles, and so was very happy to find a Minibike Racing 50 a couple of years ago in a collection in England. Mine's an 8"-wheel model and is in original condition, though I intend to give it a light restoration very soon. I've attached some j-pegs of the original MV Agusta brochures, a newspaper clipping of Phil Read on one, and of my bike. I just thought this might make an interesting addition to your already very interesting site! "