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Here is a real strange minibike picture sent to me from Grant. How about a Track Driven minibike. It looks home built, but then I could be wrong. Just look where the engine sits. I would hate to have a hot engine sit between my legs. Weird.
Up-Date: Oct.27, 2005
I just an email from Jesse Collard who bought the bike from Brendan. Below is more information on this track driven mini. Also if you look closely, the rear suspension is very interesting. Could give you some ideas of adding springer to the rear of a hard tail mini.

"This actually called a Cycl-trac. It was built in Everett, Washington in 1968 by Cycl-Trac inc. they boasted hill climbs of 65% without tipping over and could haul 800 lbs. plus a rider. It has a comet torque converter running a 2 speed gear box powered by 7.5 wiscinsin/robin L motor.  I bought it from Brendan at the bikeboneyard,Montana.
In the pictures below you can see the Cycl-trac painted and cleaned up. "