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Below is a really unusual minibike that was listed on ebay.An aluminum folding minibike.  Now I have seen a lot of minibikes, but this is a first. From Gregg who is the current owner, mentions it has no name anywhere on it and is exactly as he found it. This bike telescopes and folds up into the shape of a suit case and has a built in handle so that it can be carried. Its completely made of aluminum and has a tiny 2 stroke motor on it. Actually this is the exact engine I wanted to use on my custom built minibike. It was a Tecumseh 3 hp 2-stroke engine with a 5/8 dia. shaft and a diaphram carb. It has tiny 4 inch wheels with original tires.maybe it was a prototype for some company that didnt make it because it is incredibly complex to design and produce. Should any of you older guys know of this minibike, please let me know. It could also have been produced for the Shriners, since they used minibikes in a lot of circus shows.

Wow here is another folding minibike that was selling on ebay. A rare and smart design if I say so myself. Below is the right up on it. So cool.
"This is a Foldable Mini-Bike that was patented. Manufactured in place City Memphis State Missouri and what I was told is that it was used in the Aviation area to put on planes for transportation upon landing to ride from the Hangars or wherever. This was cast in Aluminum for weight, and has a bag for it when it is folded for transporting.The bike is really small at the top of the seat it is 19" and from the front to back it's 3feet. The motor turns over with strong compression, I haven't had time to try and start it. Manufactured by C & E Manufacturing address Street 446 E Mety Ave City Memphis State Missouri. Patent# 2594034 Model#9269 Ser#1029. I checked the Patent# on line with the Patent office and found it, with the specs. This bike was probably built in the 50's or 60's, and is very unusual. Somebody spent time and money on the design of this bike, and in talking to a few collectors of mini-bikes this one is the most unusual."