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So cool. Here is a picture of the Flee From Mike Farrell. I have only seen this mini in ads. Well here is his story.
"Here's the latest from the barn and it's something I've wanted since I was a kid back in the 60's. I saw a micro - mini at a store when I was 12-13 yrs old and never forgot it. When I saw a "Flee" frame on e-bay I jumped on it expecting it to be a good start. I was slightly mistaken, everything on it was either not right or bent or both (maybe that's why they went out of business) But "nothing a cutting torch can't fix". A Honda GX-31 4 stroke motor drives a double #25 chain primary to a jackshaft, to the rear wheel. I hand stitched the seat, and added battery lights for those dark highways! I am unsure of the top speed as we are butt deep in snow around here, but will let you know. I spent more time and money on this micro than any two of my other mini's, so needless to say, "no more micro's"
Well this is a rare collectors item.  I think the only mini smaller was the Tom Thumb mini.