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Well here is a cool custom made scooter from Dan Worthington. Pretty neat, if I say so myself. What I like is, is he is using a lawn mower type engine. So here is a pretty good idea fior you guys who want something a little bit more powerful. Here is his story.
"Hi, It took me awhile but finally got to send the pictures. Like i said,it's a 206cc 4 stroke I made the whole scooter from scratch 'It really fly's! It's fun coming up behind these little mini 30cc,49cc Chinese scooters and blow by them at 45MPH! Thanks Dan" It always feels good to blow the drawers off the other guy. Its so challenging.

Dan has just informed me it is up for sale. His asking price $300.00  You may contact him by
email:     or call    1-660 909 5994