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Here is pictures of a Steller minibike that John in Connectcut restored. So here is his story. Read on!!
"I purchased the Stellar out of the Bargain news here in Connecticut, have no idea of the model # . It had a Tecumseh engine on it when I bought it which I still have, The original rear wheel had the drum brakes but the brake shoes were broken and I could not locate new ones so I made up a clutch brake set up. I put a rear tire tire on it from one of those imported mini bikes, strait pipe for the exhaust, up draft carb from a 3 h.p. motor. I notched the frame for the top recoil cover bolt so the engine would fit in the frame, gold powder coating on the frame. I made the seat so it would clear the spark plug, mounted it further back so my son could sit in front of me when we cruise the local streets."