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I remember, the minibike reunion 2006

Here are some of the pictures of that special weekend that was sent to me from the members who attended the 2006 minibike reunion in June of 2006. And I'm happy to say that I was there in spirit which I will later explain.

The registeration form, Yippi!!!!!

Boy this is going to cost, Who cares!!
Wow!! All this in one weekend!!!

Here we go, some pictures of the minidoodle members!
Now I would just like to mention a special thanks to the minidoodle members who surprised me an took me in spirit because I could not make it for the 2nd time. A letter "J" was made and signed on the back by all members. This is now hanging in my office. Thanks a bunch guys, it made my day!!!

Above is one dude riding a trike during the weekend.
"J" Checking out the mini's Cool!!!

"J" and Josh @ The Museem

Shoe with the minidoodle golf shirt. Now that class.
Start of the parade
"J" Listening in.
In the Coopers picture from left to right, Joe Cooper jr., Joe Sr. holding the one and only "J". AV Dave in the middle and Shoe on the right. Taken Sunday morning during the bike show.
The boys.
 Below are some of the weekend pictures.
A couple more pictures from Josh Howard
How about a minibike pull.
Going going going
Hey what happened to them?
Below are picture from Bill Prong