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Now here is a minibike I never seen. This was sent to me by Tom Cade. This is in the same class as the Tote Gote. Just take a look at that rear wheel. Well here is his story.
"I found the Bearkat outside a neighbors barn,sinking into the dirt.
I had to replace the gas tank because the mounting screws were stripped out.I was able to still find the original tank that matched the mounting bracket at a local mower shop..The old tank was made out of plastic and the vibration took its toll on it.
The engine is a 6HP Tecumseh that still runs strong.Nothing has been done to the engine except a paint job and carburetor kit.
This bike still has the original tires.
I had to weld in triangular gussets at the back corner of the frame on both sides to strengthen it.The tubing was cracked at the corners.
I welded on a kickstand, off an old Schwinn that my son in law Jeff had in his back yard as a trellis.
A friend of mine machined out a new set of nylon steering bushings.That made a huge difference in turning control.
It was time to grind all the old paint and rust off and apply a coat of Ospho to kill any rust that was left.Then it got a coat of bright red.I think that was the origional color as best I could tell.The frame was painted with Red Rustoleum High Performance Enamel.
Finally got the seat positioned and fastened down.I used a 6" x 3" stainless piano hinge to hold the seat in place.
Nothing is left to do but go ride!
This Bearkat has a top speed around 15 to 20.The jack shaft brake is pretty marginal.It will hold you in place once you get stopped ,but don't count on it to do much when you are moving.The torque of this bike is something else! It will put a grin on your face every time you ride it."
Regards,Tom Cade