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1972 HPE Muskin Tri-cat

Now here is a rare Trike sent to me by Drew Day. Here is his story. Pretty cool!!!
"I thought id send some pictures of my 1972 HPE Muskin Tri-cat for you to add to your pictures section of your website. Its got a 5HP Briggs and its in 95% original condition and only missing the seat cushion. HPE Muskn was a pool company in the 60s and once the minibike craze had hit they wanted in, so they started making a line of Mini bikes called Cats, Mini Dune Buggies called Dunecats which i have seen about three or four of on the internet from searching and then finally Trikes called Tri-cats which i have not seen any others of in all my searches. I would assume maybe they were recalled for the fact that trikes were often flipped by the unknowing user. They were produced in california and somehow along the way my Tri-cat made its way to someones shed in downtown Austin, Tx. Since i picked it up its been seeing daylight every other day at the least."