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Here is a Chris Cycle minibike that Josh Conway has. You don't see these bikes much and as I know they were very fast minibikes at the time. This will be a nice project. Here is what Josh has to say.
"This is my chris cycle mini bike. i got it as a rolling frame without engine, tank, sprocet, fenders or controle cables. from the chris sycle broshure you have i know it had a 50 cc 2 stroke engine the browsher lists a 50 and 100 cc model but due to the tire size being smaller than the 100 cc described I'd gess it is the smaller modle. the fenders are home made and the engine is a Tecumseh 5 hp off a snow blower. It runs like a champ.. The neatest part is the seat. its not foam, its a cover over a hammock like bunch of attached springs. it works remarkably well. it is comfortable and takes the bite out of large bumps. The bike isn't finished yet the tank needs to be properly mounted it needs a chain guard and I'v started a full paint job. i can send more picks when done. "