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TIP #5
Carburetor Adjustment

TIP # 6
Who could believe tires could be rusted to a rim? Well guess what its true. I had first hand opportunity to experience this with my Doodlebug. The first step was to figure out how to pry the tire from the rim without destroying the original tire. Considering my rim was only rusted on one side I was able to wedge a flat screw driver between the rim and tire. Pulling them apart was another story. First have a good breakfast. Inspect how rusted is the tire to the rim. If the tire is rusted to both sides of the rim I'm not sure if it is advisable to attempt, unless you can buy a new tire. If this is the case then just cut the tire off, it is the easiest way. If it is partially rusted you may be in luck. I tried soaking WD-40 for a couple hours hoping it would penetrate in between the tire and rim. It did not work very well. So while wedging the screw driver between the rim and tire I used a very sharp utility knife. Carefully and slowly cutting the rubber away. Don't rush this or you may damage the tire. This method took me 3 hours to complete. Once removed take a sanding disk and sand all the rust off and smooth out the pitted areas. Once this is done get the rims sand blasted. Prime, paint and put the tire back on. To make the tire look a little refer to TIP #2 Tires. Good luck!
TIP # 7
When a bike has been stored for a long period of time, plastic parts will usually fade. The Honda scooter I bought had been exposed to the sun and had lost its luster. At first, I thought of repainting, but it will never really look like the original. So I tried using car wax. To my amazement it really restored the color and gave it a new shine. The bike looks practically brand new. Try it out even if the bike looks good. You will glow in the dark.(Matter of speeking)