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TIP #9
It may sound crazy, but old tire tubes can be quite useful. Just think for a moment, your frame is freshly painted and your ready to assemble your minibike. STOP!!! Before you put the clamp break levers on or mount your engine, cut a piece of the tire tube, rap it around the handle bars or frame and then clamp. Or even under the engine before mounting. This will help save the paint from getting scratched. It will also serve as a way reducing vibration and slipping.

TIP #10
This is one of the toughest jobs to do. Why do you ask? Because it is more emotional then time consuming. I dislike putting away my bike for the winter because I have so much pleasure riding it. So lets get started anyway. Different people have diferent ideas of putting there bike away for the winter. So I will tell you what I do. The first thing I do is drain all oil and gas out of the tank and carb. Clean the jets and put fresh oil in the crank case. Clean or replace the airfilter. Put in a new plug. But before I do that I add some 10 W 30 oil into the cylinder (approx. 1-tea spoon full). Once this is done I wax the whole bike. Well you must think I am crazy. Not so. If you want to preserve the paint and chrome, the wax will do it. BUT DO NOT REMOVE OR POLISH THE BIKE. Do this in the spring. The wax will prevent moister to get to the frame or chrome parts. Disconnect the battery if you have one. Put the bike in a corner and cover it. Last but not least, say goodbye until next spring.

TIP #11
Taking Your Bike Out Of Storage

Well spring is just around the corner, the days are getting longer and the temperature is warmer. Do you know what this is called? Spring fever.  Well if you followed Tip #10 "Winter storing your bike" then this is what I do to bring out the bike from storage. Remove the cover. Take a good soft rag and remove the wax from the frame and all other parts. As you start polishing the bike it will shine giving you that really great feeling. Remove the spark plug, and crank the engine slowly to get the oil to lube the cylinder wall. Do this a number of times. Don't rush this because the oil either drained or is sitting at the bottom and you would not want to score the cylinder. A lot of peple make this mistake by just adding gas and firing up the engine and find out they are burning oil. Why you ask, there is no oil on the cylinder walls after sitting for a long time. So take care or it may cost you money. Next is check to see if the tires are at the right pressure. If not pump them up. Next I would get some engine oil and pour it into a rag. With the rag soaked rub it over the chain. But don't over soak the rag or you may be in for a surprise. You will be lubricated by the chain when riding. Check your brakes. Never assume they are ok. Test them out, the cable may be stiff or worn pads. It is not worth getting hurt. Now that your this far, fill up the tank with fresh gas and crank away. The engine should start after the 3-4 pulls. If it does not start make sure the plug wire is put back on. Sometimes I'm so much in a hurry to ride the bike the first time I forget to put the wire back on the plug. Have a happy and safe ride.