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Motobecanne Moped Project

Below is pictures of a 1970 Motobecane Moped, Type 40 V, 49.9cc. This was given to me buy my son for fathers day(2001). Below is some pictures of how I recieved the moped. If you look closely at the pictures the moped has 95% all of the original parts. The moped has not run in 10 years. The paint is in very good original condition as well as the chrome. What is missing is the cover that goes over the clutch, the front headlight lense,and rear sprocket and chain to peddle the bike. Engine turns over with good compression but does not run. At present I'm looking for a service manual. If anybody knows anything about this Moped please e-mail it to me. Stay Tuned!

Restoration LOG Up-dated Aug.28, 2001
Going over the moped, no spark, some wires broken & cut, pedals bent and does not pass engine, gas tank has old gas. Ordered and recieved chain and free wheel sprocket cost $40.00. (Note standard free wheel sprocket does not fit rear wheel, to be modified.) Manual recieved. Birthday present from a very good friend.(Very important item to have.) Pedals bent back to original shape & passes engine. Cleaned out gas tank and valve. Valve clogged. Used carb. cleaner. Carb cleaned. Checked wiring, replaced or repaired all wires. (All lights working) Still no spark. Checked coil, plug wire and ground. Still no spark. I think I will buy a new spark plug. Should have done this first. New spark plug bought and installed. Added gas and push started the moped. She starts up and is running. I'm now excited!!! This is the first time this bike has run in 10 years. Now that I know that the bike runs, fine tuning and cleaning up of the moped is in store. Note the engine is running rough and the exuast stinks from old carbon. I'm getting there. Wiring fragile. Replacing the wiring and debugging. Engine starts easy but does not idle. Idle circuit probly blocked in carb. Finally got the Free wheel sprocket on the rear wheel and new chain. I can now pedal the moped to start it.
Stay tuned!! Project Stopped until the end of this month!!!

Up-dated Aug.12, 2003
Moped is SOLD.

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