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History Lesson on the Whizzer

Whizzers were manufactured in 1939 , and production continued through the war years, with only war-effort workers able to obtain them. Two of the three models (D,E&F) were friction drive, the third was belt driven to the rear wheel hoop. All of these models were junk. The company was sold during the war, but retained its name, and moved from LA to Pontiac, Michigan immediately after the war to be near auto suppliers. What is a Whizzer? Its a clip-on bicycle engine with an extraordinarily slim width. It was designed to fit any 26" boy's bicycle frame that had significant clearance. The engine had 138 cc , a bore and stroke of 2 1/4 x 2 1/8, and this dimension never changed. Horsepower was initially 2 1/2, and later raised to 3, through porting, valve size and carbueration. Initially designed as a clip-on kit. Whizzer expanded to complete motorbikes starting in 1948 with a model called "Pacemaker". Various other complete motorbike models were subsequently released , and Whizzer continued production through 1952. Whizzer continued building and selling kits and complete motorbikes through 1962, fully 10 years after they ceased production. Whizzers would cruise between 35 and 40 mph, depending on model, and
reportedly got 125 mpg. The gas tank were a streamlined bullet shape that fit on the top bar, and held 5 quarts of gas. The oil crank case reservoir holds less than 1 pint . Just take a look of the pictures below. Fantastic!!!!!

Courtesy of Reg Williams