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I started this project Sept. 1999. As you can see below it was painted blue. The engine is a Techcumseh 5 hp from a snow blower. This is a very strong engine for a the gear ratio of 6:1 single speed. The brake, fenders, seat and boots as well as the decals on the tank are all missing. I bought this bike in 1970 for $50.00 second hand. The model of the Fox Doodlebug is #1219. Take a look at Doodlebug FX pictures after. (See above page link)


As you can see the difference from before and now. To restore the mini-bike it
took me 7 months and cost about $325.00 in parts. The frame, forks and rims were sand blasted, primed and painted. The seat was remade, fenders were sandcast, rear break was purchased and modified to be floating, clutch housing was made and gas tank decals were reproduced close to the original.The clutch is original and chain is brand new. The front boots are brand new. The handle bars are chrome painted because the handle bars were really rusty and would not look good chromed because of the pitting. The tires are original. The front tire is half worn and the rear tire has full thread (I switched the rear and front tires). The 5 h.p. Tecumseh engine is from a snow blower and was rebuilt, and this bike is really powerful. I have not ridden this bike since 1974, but last Sunday it felt great to be a kid again. Top speed is about 30 mph and has the govenor on the engine. With the complete restoration a lot of improvements were made without changing the original concept of the minibike. It runs real strong and is a really good looking minibike. Don't let this minibike fool you, it may not jump puddles, but will climb just about anything as long as the wheels have grip. This is my pride and joy. Let me know what you think.

Below shows the disk brake setup I used on the Doodlebug. I made a clamp to bolt onto the the frame and I used a steel plate to mount the disk brake. This plate is free floating so the disc brake can move and center itself. I used 2 stripper bolts (also known as shoulder bolts), which was screwed into the clamp, and the floating plate has 2 clearance holes  which slides on the shoulders. Also take note that I used a old bicycle tubing on the frame.

Side view

Top view


Disk Brake I bought for $10.00.
This will stop you on a dime.

Below is a restored Fox Doodlebug just like the one I have. The tank is not original and the paint. If you notice the slanted engine mount, typical of this model. I really think this minibike is a classic. As well below another picture was sent of a Fox Spoked wheel minibike. It is complete but will be restored. The pictures below the Doodlebug is the before pictures of this restoration project. Check it out.

This picture was sent to me from Richie Richardson of him riding the 1967 Fox  Doodlebug Circa minibike when he was a kid. This is just great, to see some of the old pictures when we were a kid. Those were the good old days.

Below are pictures of another Fox Doodlebug FX. which belongs to Chase Fisher. It is the exact model of mine and are very rare today. In this case the slanted engine mount was remove and replaced with a flat mounting plate to be able to mount the engine. Below is his story.
"I personally received mine from my father. He was the first of 6 children in a small town in Ohio and his dad (my Grandfather) died in his early 30's of rheumatic fever.. A friend of the family donated this minibike to help the kids stay busy shortly after my grandfathers death.. and it has been in the family ever since... I took it upon myself to restore it at around the age of 13 or so and added the new 5hp motor and had the steel plate welded on to fit the motor.. that was approx 12-15 years ago somewhere in there... I am looking to do a professional restore on it summer 2011 now and hand it down to my son in a few years..

I don't see many of these minibikes so I thought you might get a smile out of it..."