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Here are some pictures that Yellowhand has sent me of work that his students has done as well as a nice project bike. Now this is what I call using your imagination, and different stuff to build your own custom minibikes. Way to go!!!
"Below is a pic of the front wheel...the rim was scavenged off one of the boys old BMX bikes, but the hub was made on a lathe and the fixed spokes were made in a coal-fired forge and then welded to the hub and rim after all the old spoke holes were welded over. The brass and bronze spokes are hollow and hide long screws that run from the rim to the hub to true the wheel. They made the spokes and screws on a lathe, and made the plywood fixture that was used to hold everything in true as it was being welded.
We'll probably begin making most of the wheels we use instead of buying them as soon as I can find a good vertical lathe at a decent price.
Oh, and I think they even made the stainless steel axle and bronze nuts."

Below is pictures of the frame.

Below is a really nice paint job by a 14 year old.

Below is the custom seat all hand made.

Below is the Copper Chopper.