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Here we have a picture from Tom Browning of a Catzilla that belogs to his friend Vince Crandell. Interesting name for a minibike. This started out as a Cat frame from a yard sale. It was chopped, and stretched the frame, added unknown forks, a fat rear tire, and Harley seat and handlebars. The engine is a methonol burning 12 h.p. like the one that was used on the Taco super 100 (see Taco minibike pictures). It has a hooker super competition header, tilotson carb, K & N filter. These are 60 mph gocart engines, and it pulls this tank nicely, with the right jackshaft gears. The huge cam makes it sound like a Harley, and it will also lift the front end, but not as violent as the Taco. This one can go about 50 mph.