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Now here is an interesting picture of this Honda Aero Scooter sent to me from Andrew Dachnij.  Here is a picture of his not so stock 1987 Aero. The plastic panels came from an 1984. The engine was replaced with a A-50 with a 82 cc Polini bore kit with a 50 mm crank, 28 mm carb/intake/reeds, 6:3:1 gears, dual head light, 120 km/h speedo, digital tach/temp gauge and the list goes on. The firt picture is the Aero scooter and the second picture of his 104cc engine that was too much for him to handle on his Aero. He had just built it, it ran 90+mph and scared the hell out of him>
Now my comment. Just riding my Aero 50 at 60 km/h is enough for me. With tiny wheels like this you would loose control, you would barely have traction. Boy this thing must scream.

WOW ! Just look at that engine.

Below is another project scooter that Andrew has built. Well here is whats been done to his 94 Honda Elite.This honda has a polini 72cc bore kit with a 28mm carb& intake/reeds, 8 to1 gears and has an s.e.f. exhaust & ddx airbox which keeps the engine quiet. I installed a 43mm mini stroker crank in it because the original had alot of mi. on it, but a stock one will work fine, Japan duel head lights and tail lights an ooga horn & remote alarm are hidden under the front panel. Top speed is 70mph if you need it otherwise its a perfect daily cruiser. Could you imagine 70 mph on a small bike like that?? Have a look at these pictures below