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Below are pictures of 2-Heathkit Boonie bikes that a friend sent me. One is stock and needs some minor work and the other has a 5hp Tecumseh with a 2-speed automatic, 2-centrifugal clutch jackshaft drive and a custom band brake. Both bikes look like a blast to ride

Below are pictures sent to me by Jeff Shula. He has asked me to post the pictures to see if anyone could identify the minibike.
Bike Identified!!! Thanks John.
According to my friend John this minibike is the Heathkit HillTopper. The front wheel is a Honda assembly with a different engine and missing the torque converter. This bike was to compete against the Honda CT-70. No match, the Honda was a class of its own.

Now here are 2 Heath Kit Boonies rebuilt by Dean Hamlin. The first one posted has a 6 H.P. internal Belt drive overhead cam,a Honda first # 40 rust proof chain,10 tooth drive sprocket to a 54 tooth drive. Boy this must haul. This also quite a big mini, and could easily carry 2-people.  The second one (green) has a 9 hp Robin engine, #40 rust proof chain,drive sprocket has 13 teeth Rear has 54. 4000 r.p.m. internal chain drive overhead cam. 2006 Cadillac gas door on engine with Altoids peppermint box under gas door lid with Hex keys and spair master link. 2 very nice projects if I say so myself.

Wow, below is are pictures of Shoe's restore 1972 Heald VT-T Super Bronc. This has got to be the best restoration I have ever seen on this bike. As you already know Shoe has been a member of minidoole for many years and has help many of us out. Is very knowledgable about minibikes and small engines. Put this gentleman ton a project and you can see the results. Check out the pictures below. On this project it was mostly complete with original parts. From what I know the engine was rebuilt, the frame stripped and pouder cot and new wiring for the tail light and head light. It is just awesome.