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Welcome to "Dream Tools page which will make the searching for shop tools easier. Below are links to buy different types of tools for your mini bike project, weather it is a restoration or to build a custom minibike. I don't know one man who is handy not dreaming of a workshop.  
I have selected different types of tools which are most commonly needed. So browse through this page for a tool you are looking for and maybe that dream may come true.
To view the prices and description, click on picture.

FREE SHIPPING — Northern Industrial Magnesium Angle Grinder — 7in., 15 Amp                         FREE SHIPPING — Northern Industrial 245-Pc. Rotary Tool Kit - RP2145CK                         Irwin Silver & Deming Drill Bit — 1 1/8in. dia., Model# 90172
4 1/2" Angle Grinder                                                             245 Pc. Rotory Tool Kit                                                         5/8 Dia. Drill Bit
    $69.99                                                                                      $59.99                                                                                       $29.99

Northern Industrial Cross Slide Drill Press Vise — 4in.                        Northern Industrial Cross Slide Drill Press Vise — 6in.,                         Northern Industrial Wel-Bilt Self-Centering Drill Press Jig
4" Cross Vice                                                                         6" Cross Vise                                                                        Self Centering Drill Jig
      $69.99                                                                                      $99.99                                                                                      $12.99

FREE SHIPPING — Wel-Bilt Tools Chop Saw — 14in. Dia.                         Northern Industrial Sheet Metal Shear                        FREE SHIPPING — Northern Industrial Chop Saw With Laser Guide — 14in. Dia.
14" Chop Saw                                                                          Sheet Metal Shear                                                               14" Chop Saw With Laser
    $110.49                                                                                     $49.00                                                                                       $119.99

Northern Industrial Tubing and Conduit Bender                         BAC Industries Bending Brake — 18in. Sheet Width, Model# MB-18                       Northern Industrial Arbor Shop Press — 1-Ton
Tubing & Conduit Bender                                                    Bending Brake                                                                     1-Ton Arbor Press
         $179.99                                                                               $44.99                                                                                       $69.99

FREE SHIPPING — Benchtop Belt/Disc Sander — 1/2 HP, 2200 RPM                         FREE SHIPPING — SHOP FOX Combo Lathe/Mill, Model# M1018                       Northern Industrial Arc 70 115 Volt Welder
Belt & Disk Sanding Machine                                           1/2 HP Combination,Drill, Mill & Lathe                              Arc Welder 70 Amps 115 Volts
   $89.99                                                                                          $1599.99                                                                                $89.99                                                                                

Northern Industrial Plasma 375 Cutter                         Northern Industrial Floor Drill Press — 16-Speed, 3/4 HP                       Northern Industrial Mini Drill Press — 5-Speed, 1/3 HP
Plasma Cutter 375                                                                Floor Drill Press 16-Speed, 3/4 HP                                 Mini Drill Press 5-Speed, 1/3 HP
    $699.99                                                                                      $229.99                                                                               $79.99

Northern Industrial Bench Drill Press with Laser — 5-Speed, 1/2 HP                         Morgan Series Reconditioned Portable Horizontal Air Compressor — 17 Gallon, 1.5 HP, 3.8 CFM, Model# F217
Bench Drill Press 5-Speed, 1/2 HP                                   Portable Air Compresser 2.5 Gal.
       $149.99                                                                                    $129.99

HOME HEATING__________________________________________________________

Duraflame Vent-Free Metal Stove — 4600 BTU, 400 Sq. Ft. Heating Capacity, 1350 Watts, Model# DFSS550BLK