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Below is a minibike from the '60's witch is being auctioned of on ebay. I have never heard or seen this bike on the market. The frame is different with a harley engine mounted in front of the seat. This must be a very rare bike. Check this one out.

Below are pictures sent to me by Perry Rothenberg of his Quarterhorse he just bought for his collection. This looks like in  perfect condition. I do have to say this bike is cool but does have a strange design.

Here is another rare Quarterhorse minibike from John. This is his story.
Finally decided to send a couple of photos of this minibike I have had since the seventies. Tires are original and the frame is still used as the gas tank. It had no motor so I installed a new (at the time) Mac91A .Probably should have a chambered exhaust pipe but the chainsaw exhaust was free. Chainguard is homemade. Just put in new carb gaskets/diaphrams so I can bring it back to life!

Here is another rare Quarterhorse just purchased by bayareaburrito. This is in amazingly fantastic original condition. It is well worth its weight in gold. Below is his story.
"The story behind this near perfect QuaterHorse is as follows:
It was purchased from a gentleman by the name of Ray. He purchased it new in 1965 and was registered with California DMV in 1967 Thur 1968 still has its original license plate.
Was hardly ridden and was in storage for the past 43 plus years. Ray being the original owner makes me its second owner. I had to scrap together every available dime for this one..
2 1/2 hour drive each way for me. I just couldn't let this one pass me by..
Ray was a really nice guy and at 81 years young all I could do was smile when we finally fired the horse up and he took it around for his last spin on it before signing over the DMV title to me. I could see in his face a glimmer of sadness but I assured him that it had found a good home for yrs to come.
I did get a chance to ride it and enjoyed every moment on it."
I can only tell you I would be really proud to own a bike like this.