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Ok all my felllow minibiker friends, here is a 3 rd custom minibike I'm in process of completing. To begin with, you will see my work shop and what tools I use. This in my opinion is the basics to really do a complete custom build minibike. Without the right tools, it makes working a pain. So investment in good quality tools is the right way to start.
Below is my Drill Press with a Cross Vice and My Band Saw
Below is my Disk Sander and my Cut Off saw.
Below is my arc welder, pipe bender and shop compressor.
Below is a close up of the pipe bender
Before I started this project, I ordered parts engine wheels. Once I recieved all the parts, the first thing was, I made a drawing. This only took me about a day to do. From there I was able to calculate the material I needed. So off to my favorite store I went and bought what I need to build the frame and forks.

After cutting all the material, I welded up the frame. I used 1" electrical tubing, 3/4" Dia. steel tubing, 7/8 Dia. tubing, 1 1/4 angle iron and 1 1/4" x 3/16" thick flat bar.


Here is the forks attached.
Below is the seat bracket with a single shock.

Below I assembled the engine and rear wheel to check if all goes together.
As you can see above, the engine used is a Honda clone GXH 50 4-Stroke 49 cc rated 21/2 h.p.
@ 7000 rpm. with gear reducer (transmission)

Here is the other side view.

Below is the front wheel assembled.

Here is the seat which I will be using.

And here I put the foot pegs on.

Now the minibike is complete and tested before the preparation for priming and painting. Of course I still have to grind and sand the frame and remove the sharp edges. So as you can see, I made the  the disk brake brackets for the front and rear, a cross bar was welded on the handle bars, brackets for the gas tank. And I also changed the angle of the seat. The seat did not feel comfortable. Now it is more of a saddle and feels good when you ride. The engine is very powerful, which took me by surprise. It has tons of torque and picks up speed very quickly. I truely recommend this engine Now comes the hardest part is to select a name for this mini and what colors I will paint it. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I want to thank you all for youf suggestions of a name. I still did not decide.


So now I am 95% complete. I decided to call this minibike  the minidoodle "FIREBUG"
I still need to attatch the kill switch on the throttle, but there is also a on/off switch on the engine
just beside the muffler. You may also wonder why the seat is mounted in this way, is because you sit in it like a saddle. It very comfortable in this position. Earlier I mounted it more level and I was slipping forward. The last thing I need to do is the chain guard. I will have to make one hopefully by this weekend.
Now have a look a my new mini.


Just to mention, I took this minibike to Windber PA in 2007

Below you can see the Trail Baron next to the Firefly. A completly different design as you can see.

 "Minidoodle Firebug"